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My coaching approach is based on the recognition that our development as adults is associative and fluid rather than linear and fixed which means under the right conditions, growth potential is boundless. I focus on reflecting you back to you in ways you've never seen yourself. We experiment to identify effective resources for your healing and growth to weave you an evolved Web of Well-Being™. Whether you choose individual, couples, group coaching, or all three, your sessions (via Zoom) will include experiential learning opportunities to stretch yourself in between sessions and beyond.  We'll co-create a safe place for your truth to land so you can get curious, gain clarity, and consciously create your new reality.

I'm not the kind of coach who focuses on weekly to-do lists while neglecting your internal development. For one, surface level behavioral shifts don't lead to sustained transformation and two, managing to-do lists is kinda boring...for both of us. My interdisciplinary coaching process focuses on resourcing you as you integrate the awareness you gain with growth practices to nourish you and your relationships—reconnecting you with your true self, the evolved version.

Super Session

The 90 minute Super Session is a focused transformational coaching session. Show up with an identified area for growth, a challenge you're ready to face or a project you want to take action on. After we define what progress would mean for you and what you want to learn, we'll explore your resources, discuss navigating potential blocks to success, identify your growth areas and collaborate on a process. Clarity, expanded self-knowledge, growth-fostering practices, and a personalized plan will guide you towards achieving desired results.  

Your Super Session will be via Zoom and is followed by three weekly email check-ins (if desired) to keep you focused, and on-track with your growth.


Individual Coaching


We'll meet via Zoom in one-on-one 60 minute sessions to design a personalized process as you develop:

  • self-anchoring techniques (integrating bottom-up and top-down processes)

  • a deeper understanding of who you've been conditioned to be, who you authentically are at your core, and who you want to become

  • embodied awareness and practices to facilitate healing and healthy connection to self

  • polyvagal informed techniques to identify nervous system states, the sensations, emotions, and narratives of those states, and how to navigate them

  • embodied practices to release tension and strengthen your relaxation response

  • identification and evolution of thoughts, beliefs, internal binds, and adaptive behaviors that have been governing your subconscious behavior

  • processes for sensing, feeling, thinking, and behaving to enhance your well-being

  • emotional and relational intelligence and maturity

  • healthy responses to stressors with conscious emotional, mental, and somatic flexibility

  • awareness of your inner guidance system—knowledge, understanding, clarity, and self-trust

  • a comprehensive plan to achieve your personal, relational and professional goals

  • skills to resolve internal blocks and integrate mind, body and soul

  • an effective reflection process to expand self and relational knowledge while fueling resilience

Couple Coaching

We may be wired to thrive in meaningful connection and love, yet if you weren’t taught how to foster true connection, how to sustain it, how to set and honor boundaries, how to identify relational distress, how to respond to it effectively, what love is, what love isn’t, how to nourish love, how to stop harming it—and that’s just for starters—is it any wonder you're challenged in your primary relationship?


The most effective way to increase quality and pleasure in your relationships is to broaden your personal and relational knowledge while developing related skills.


"Relationships flourish when the responsibility for nourishing the connection is

                 Here’s the good news:

  • Relational intelligence is learnable and expandable.

  • Your neurobiology supports your ability to learn and evolve throughout your life.

  • The more you learn to cultivate connection, the more your relationships improve, and the more fulfilled you are.

  • Identifying what you desire as well as how to move towards your desires will help pull you through the discomfort of change.

  • The quality of your relationship requires interdependence but your personal and relational growth is not dependent upon your partner’s.

We'll collaborate in 90 minute sessions via Zoom as you gain knowledge in:

  • developing thinking and behavior that fosters connection

  • releasing thinking and behavior that leads to disconnection

  • closing any relational intelligence growth gaps between partners

  • developmental goals for each partner and for the relationship

  • conditions and practices that support learning and love

  • resolving internal conflicts that hinder relational development

  • integrative practices for self and mutual regulation

  • self-protection mode vs connection mode and how to navigate both with maturity

  • self-soothing and compassion practices

  • increasing your relational intelligence

  • how to manage and honor differences

  • root cause of relational conflicts

  • skills to learn from and resolve conflicts

  • creating multiple pathways to intimacy

  • shifting from avoidance and escalation in unhealthy conflict to anchoring in self while effectively catalyzing healthy conflict

Group Coaching

Prioritize yourself, your healing, and your growth in a transformative experience within an encouraging and inspiring community. If disconnection from yourself, your values, your sense of meaning, and/or from a partner in a significant relationship has, over time left you feeling unfulfilled, confused and somewhat empty, it's time to stop dismissing, numbing and hiding from what's true for you. Learn how to recognize the guidance from your inner compass and identify internal and external resources to shepherd your growth.

By drawing on the collective wisdom, compassion and support of the group you learn to:

  • connect to a powerful source of guidance from a caring community with a passion for personal and relational development

  • identify your needs, wants, dreams, desires, values, and the practices to honor them

  • receive ongoing support and inspiration for your transformation

  • empower yourself and others by sharing your gifts to foster the growth of the group

  • reconnect to your inner compass (intuition, emotions, sensations) to revive self-trust and clarity

  • learn healthy stress responses while increasing emotional resilience to move you to a thriving state

  • strengthen your relaxation response

  • experience the wonder and a dash of woo-woo (let's face it, magical moments make life more fun) that occurs when a circle of like-minded people gather to foster courage, connection and the fulfillment of dreams

A Few Kind Words

“Jemma is by far the best coach I could have asked for. Beyond being wise, warm and supportive, she has a coaching style that's fun (I laughed a ton with her) and creative. She worked with me to bring forward my greatest gifts while helping me discover areas where I could further develop in order to create what have felt like major miracles in my life. We co-designed assignments and practices that expanded my self-awareness as well as my skills, both for my internal development and for achieving my external goals. My partnership with her has made a huge impact on the way I rebound from setbacks and take action on my desires.”

-Karin V.

" I was led to Jemma through a friend of mine who kept singing her praises. At the time, I was struggling with some imposter syndrome, burn-out, and dysfunctional dynamics on my team. I knew within the first ten minutes of speaking with Jemma that she was someone I could learn from and trust. She asked me clever questions that allowed me to see clearly where we could focus the coaching process to change my situation. Jemma's enthusiasm is infectious and her belief in me was what I needed to push past fear and self-doubt. My self-trust, communication skills and how I respond to stressful situations have improved dramatically. I often hear Jemma's voice in my head cheering me on and asking me questions that open up alternate perspectives and solutions. Coaching with her was one of the smartest decisions I've ever made for my career and my personal life.

- Matthew R.

“I came to Jemma feeling stuck, overwhelmed and scared. I knew I wasn't happy with my job nor my marriage at the time yet I was confused about what I wanted. After consultation calls with a number of coaches I chose her because I immediately felt understood. She introduced me to practical techniques for stress management and self-care, while also helping me recognize the courage, confidence and desire for more within me. I was able to take the initially terrifying leap towards a whole new career which has changed my life. Jemma's intuition and clever insight opened my eyes to aspects of my thinking and behavior that had been limiting my success. Coaching with her helped me believe in myself and genuinely feel a greater sense of self-worth. I'm now more capable than ever and I've noticed that I recover from the occasional bad day much faster. I'm grateful to her every single day.”

- Jen H.

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