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How You Can Work With Me

Our sessions will be via Zoom or phone and we'll focus on discovering the daily practices that are most effective at anchoring you to a sense of calm so that you learn to mindfully and compassionately navigate the challenging events and welcome the joyful ones, trusting that both are for you. I believe coaching is most impactful when it's experiential so together we'll explore how you can gently direct your mind and nervous system to support your growth and develop a healthy stress response for enhanced well-being. You get to keep what works for you and discard what doesn't. You'll also learn techniques to identify and free yourself of the previously hidden perceptions, habitual patterns and narratives that have been holding you back. Once we chip away all the self-deception that you've been living with, you'll be able to see (and experience) yourself with an empowering trust, clarity and appreciation. In addition to becoming adept at self-regulation, it's this heightened self-trust and worth that's fundamental to your transformation.


Super Session

The 90 minute Super Session is a one and done power session. Show up with a specific idea for a project you want to take action on or a challenge you want to solve. We'll roll up our sleeves, explore how we can integrate your strengths, skills and resources with your vision as well as assess any potential internal and external blocks to your success. Our session will finish with mapping out a personalized plan to achieve your desired results...or better.

The Super Session is via Zoom or phone and followed by three weekly email check-ins and customized assignments to provide support and keep you inspired, motivated and on-track with your progress.

Quiet Desk
Notepad on Desk






Revive, Drive & Thrive

This comprehensive coaching program integrates:

  • creative exploration exercises to gain clarity and expand self-knowledge on who you've been and who you want to become

  • a consistent practice to bring forward and build on existing gifts and strengths

  • identification and development of interests and applicable skills related to your interests

  • a detailed plan to achieve your personal and professional goals

  • consistent support while you put your customized plan into action.

The Revive, Drive and Thrive program includes a weekly 60 minute session via Zoom or phone with email check-ins between sessions as needed. Personalized weekly assignments to support your growth will be created together during our sessions. The length of this coaching program is determined by coach and client but is usually between three to nine months to allow for impactful and lasting transformation.

Group Coaching: Develop Meaningful Relationships with Self and Others to Transform Your Life


A feeling of disconnection with yourself and/or within the significant relationships in your life can sneak up on you. It often happens ever so slowly and quietly, flying under your radar, maybe even for years. By the time your whispering intuition (which has been telling you that something is off), turns into a scream, you're probably feeling some combination of empty, unfulfilled, lonely, restless, disempowered and confused. It's time to stop dismissing, numbing and hiding from your discomfort and the truth. Turn towards it and learn what it's there to teach you and how it can redirect you. Decide to prioritize yourself, your healing and a transformative experience towards your most beautiful dreams.


Drawing on the collective wisdom, compassion and support of the group, you'll:

  • feel connected to a powerful source of guidance from a caring community focused on both self-development and co-development

  • gain an understanding of how and why you silenced your needs, values, dreams, etc. as well as the internal and external conflict that resulted

  • identify your current desires, the internal and external resources available to support you as well as those you want to discover. Invite the group to share a clear vision for your wholehearted life

  • receive support and encouragement as you move through a major life transition

  • validate your personal power by contributing your gifts to the group to help fellow group members develop the skills needed to move toward their full potential

  • tap into your intuition and learn how to allow it to guide you and cultivate self-trust

  • learn science-backed practices to move you to a more consistent thriving state

  • experience the wonder and a dash of woo-woo (let's face it, that makes life more fun) that occurs when a circle of like-minded people gather to cheer each other on and honor one another's dreams

Rock Maze

Ready to find out what you're capable of?

A Few Kind Words

“Jemma is by far the best coach I could have asked for. Beyond being wise, warm and supportive, she has a coaching style that's fun (I laughed a ton with her) and creative. She worked with me to bring forward my greatest gifts while helping me discover areas where I could further develop in order to create what have felt like major miracles into my life. We co-designed assignments and practices that expanded my self-awareness as well as my skills, both for my internal development and for achieving my external goals. My partnership with her has made a huge impact on the way I think and act to achieve my goals and rebound from setbacks.”

-Karin V.

" I was led to Jemma through a friend of mind who kept singing her praises. At the time, I was struggling with some imposter syndrome, burn-out from a demanding position at work, and resistance to dealing with the dysfunctional communication and dynamics on my team. I knew within the first ten minutes of speaking to Jemma that she was someone I could learn from and trust. She asked me clever questions that allowed me to see clearly where we could focus the coaching process to change my situation. Jemma's enthusiasm is infectious and her belief in me was what I needed to push past some fear and self-doubt. My communication skills and how I respond to stressful situations have improved dramatically. I often hear Jemma's voice in my head cheering me on and asking me questions that open up alternate perspectives and solutions. Coaching with her was one of the smartest decisions I've ever made for my career and my personal life.

- Matthew R.

“I came to Jemma feeling stuck, overwhelmed and scared. I knew I wasn't happy with my job nor my marriage at the time yet I was confused about what I wanted. After consultation calls with a number of coaches I chose her because I felt understood by her right away. She introduced me to very practical techniques for stress management and self-care, while also helping me recognize the courage, confidence and desire for more within me. I was then able to take the initially terrifying leap towards a whole new career which has changed my life. Jemma's intuition and clever insight opened my eyes to aspects of my thinking and behavior that had been limiting my success. Coaching with her helped me believe in myself and genuinely feel a greater sense of self-worth. I now feel more capable than I've ever felt and I've noticed that I recover from the occasional bad day much faster. I'm grateful to her every single day.”

- Jen H.

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