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My coaching approach is based on the recognition that our development as adults is associative and fluid rather than linear and fixed which means under the right conditions, growth potential is boundless. I focus on reflecting you back to you in ways you've never seen yourself. We experiment to identify effective resources for your healing and growth to weave you an evolved Web of Well-Being™. Whether you choose individual, couples, group coaching, or all three, your sessions will include experiential learning opportunities with support to stretch your development in between sessions and beyond.  We'll co-create a safe place for your truth to land so you can get curious, gain clarity, and consciously create your new reality.

I'm not the kind of coach who focuses on weekly to-do lists while neglecting your internal development. For one, surface level behavioral shifts don't lead to sustained transformation and two, managing to-do lists is kinda boring...for both of us. My multidisciplinary coaching process resources you to integrate the awareness you gain in sessions with coaching exercises outside of sessions to nurture an elevated mindset, expanded perspectives, healthy responses to events, along with skills and knowledge that grow your relationships—reconnecting you with your true self, the more evolved version.

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