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Coaching Approach


My coaching process is based on a belief that growth is associative and fluid rather than linear and fixed. Whether you engage in one-on-one, group or couples coaching, my programs are designed to be transformational, to identify your inner resources and support you in learning new skills. We'll tap into your signature strengths and wonderful quirks in a way that will boost your self-confidence, lead you to greater fulfillment, as well as improve the quality of your relationships (including relationship to self). I create a safe and supportive environment for you to get curious, gain clarity, be brave, embrace new practices, and grow towards the best version of yourself. Together we'll explore the dreams, stories, beliefs, visions, relational competencies and self-protective patterns that are serving you as well as those that could use a little (or a lot) of editing and elevating.


We'll collaborate on a customized plan that moves you from insight to action as you practice science-backed methods to foster optimism, hope, motivation, inspired learning, a healthy response to events, and resilience—basically an upgrade of your overall well-being. I'll also encourage you to experiment with a variety of techniques to help return your mind and body to a healing state when responding to stress, fear, burn-out and disappointment as we discover which methods are most effective for you. Though the practices we'll be discussing are evidence-based, life is more fun when you mix in a little magic so I'll encourage you to at least consider calling forth a dash of inner woo woo.


I'm not the kind of coach who focuses on your weekly to-do lists while neglecting your internal development. For one, I don't think action alone leads to sustained positive transformation and for two, simply managing to-do lists is kinda boring...for both of us. A key part of the coaching process involves applying the awareness you gain during sessions to your coaching assignments as you further develop an elevated mindset, new perspectives, practices and growth-promoting relationships that will stretch you into the person you want to be.

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